Mastermind Coaching Program

Through leveraging the power of our conscious and unconscious minds, we have the ability to create our reality.


By learning to look deep within ourselves to understand the stories that make us who we are. This awareness and understanding of our stories, and how they influence our lives, can help us begin to heal and see how every experience, every emotion, and each relationship becomes a structure for change where we can discover our true purpose and create the present and future.

During this 6-week mastermind program a small group of people, all people who are ready to make the change and are just waiting for the blueprint, will come together in support of a common goal - looking to change their minds, mind their change, and change their life to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

After this program you will feel supported on your journey by connecting in a profound way with other like minded people. You will also find more meaning in your life, understand yourself on a deeper level and develop a plan, and vision, for your future.


One Coach One Mind Mastermind 6 week program $1799

(scholarships & group discounts also available)

Lifetime access to OCOM Community, resource library & 25% off any other program offered through One Coach One Mind

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