About Me

The founder, Pete Curkendall, is a former New York State Athlete of the Year, High school & Collegiate All American, former NFL draft pick with the Buffalo Bills and free agent with the New Orleans Saints. When stress began to take its toll on his mind, body, and spirit, he decided it was time to walk away from the game. Without the structure and support of the sport he had spent his entire life pursuing the, he felt lost and unsure about what to do next.

After a long period of self reflection, Pete became a Nationally Board certified Counselor and Coach in order to mentor and collaborate with those also who felt lost and unsure of their life's direction. Peter Curkendall runs a private private practice in clinical psychotherapy and professional coaching for individuals or groups looking to change their lives.


After wandering around aimlessly for the better part of a decade - Pete, and his future wife Renee' decided to adopt a medically fragile little girl whom they were told would not live through the year. They then had a biological son whom would, at the age of two, develop a an extremely aggressive brain tumor. After very harrowing experiences with their two first children whom both are currently thriving, Pete & Renee decided to grow their family and adopt a son whom would later need a heart transplant, a daughter who suffered from mental health and developmental challenges. A little while later, they had another biological son, and adopted a son with a severe mitochondrial disorder and, for a short period, were able to love and care for a little girl who would sadly pass away shortly after moving in with her forever family. For the next several decades, Pete and Renee learned to wade through hospitals, red tape, insurmountable medical bills, with life seemingly throwing one obstacle after another at them and their family.

However, through it all, they decided that purpose, meaning, and intentionality would become the values that they would learn to filter their world through.

Through growing and connecting with like-minded people - Pete realized that the one thing missing during the these seemingly impossible times was access to a community of like minded folks who had similar life experiences that either knew, or wanted to know, how to navigate and thrive within and through difficult times, Those who wanted to walk and explore life's path - with all of it's challenges, difficulties, and similar experiences - people that want to support, grow, and learn from one another and create an even more successful life for themselves after life throws them the proverbial "curveball",

Just because a life altering experiences changed our lives, and on some level, felt like it was over, doesn't mean we can't pursue the "after" with Happiness, purpose and meaning as well!

This community was developed as a space and place for like minded people looking to find happiness, purpose, develop skills, collaborate, and create a better world for themselves, their families and their communities.

Welcome to One Coach One Mind

Living life on purpose, in purpose, and with purpose




Focus on reaching your highest potential

Learning to take ownership for your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors.

Learn to live a life of Integrity and honoring your commitments to yourself, your family, and your community.

Learn to actively participates and engage in your life.

Learn to be open minded and accepting of things we can control while letting go, things beyond our control.



To provide a container for former people to:

  • Share their experience
  • Connect, create & collaborate
  • Discover their true purpose
  • Learn, grow and discoverntrol.



To become the messengers of change

To become the messengers of change that not only supports our values and purpose through transition but also comes together in order to create a positive shift in the world through our leadership, network and impact.

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